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3 Tips to Finding Your Purpose and Passion


As you may already know... we are moving into a new age. The "Age of the Resignation". 

We've the "Industrial Age", the "Technology Age" and now we are entering into the "Age of the Resignations". 

There have been millions of people in the last year or two that have left their jobs.  This is definitely a movement.  All of these people were either feeling stuck in their job or career or they felt like they were meant for more.  

If you can relate and you're feeling stuck and uninspired, feeling like this can not be it for me? I have a purpose, I know it!  I’m meant to do more with my life! 

Here are 3 tips that will make a difference in your life RIGHT NOW! 

  • Start reading everyday on relevant topics that benefit your personal growth and development. This will help you find inspiration.
  • Start writing & journaling everyday.  Let your thoughts flow….This can help you gain clarity so that you can find your purpose.
  • Then, start learning something new.  Take a class or a course that interests you and lights you up! This will help you find your passions.