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Do you have a morning routine?


Do you feel like your life is hectic and a bit all over the place?  That you are always jumping from one thing to another and then back to the first thing that you started, when you finally remember what that was.

This was me only a few years ago.  Then I made some significant changes...

I truly believe that having a morning routine has changed my life.  I feel more focused, centered and energized not only at the start of my day but also throughout my day, which means that I am also more productive.

What did I do that made all of the difference?

Well, I implemented a new set of habits that I do consistently every day in my morning routine. 

Everyday, I start my morning with about 20 minutes of yoga, followed by about 20 minutes of meditation, then I read for 30 minutes on self development or personal development, then I eat a healthy & light breakfast, have a tall glass of water with lemon in it and take my vitamins. 

Sounds easiest enough, right.  The key here is to stay consistent. After 2 months, you have created a new habit and you will start to feel the difference in your days almost immediately. 

Do you have a morning routine?