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How to have Courage and Confidence in today's NEW world?


First, I wanted to start by asking a really interesting question.  What is the difference between Courage and Confidence?

Well, you may be saying to yourself, they’re the same thing, but are they? Courage is when we are thriving in uncertain situations.  It is that anticipation beforehand of trying something new.  When you have butterflies in your stomach and perhaps your palms are sweating and maybe your knees are shaking, but you don’t let that fear stop you. You take that uncomfortable action and do it anyway. That is Courage!

And confidence, well confidence is the aftermath of overcoming those challenges and those obstacles that you’ve faced.  When you see that you can get through this and come out on the other side of things.  You cannot get confidence, without first having courage to put yourself outside of your comfort zone and try something new and by doing what you thought you couldn't do and doing it anyway.

And sometimes knowing that it is something that you have to do, that becomes the fuel that drives you to take that uncomfortable action.

Here are a few questions that I would like you to answer for yourself.  If you keep a journal, great! Write these down and work through them one at a time.

  1. What do you think of when you hear the word courage?
  2. When were sometimes when you were most courageous?
  3. What do you have to do to feel courageous?
  4. Where do you need more courage in your life?


  1. And what do you think of when you hear the word confidence?
  2. What have you done in the past that has given you confidence?
  3. Where are you most confident in your life?
  4. What do you have to do to feel confident?
  5. And where do you need more confidence?


  1. And finally, look around you.  How are others displaying their courage and their confidence?

I recommend keeping your own journal and capturing your gratitude for each day and also capturing your thoughts and reflections from those moments during your day when you exuded courage and confidence and also the times when you felt these the most in your life. This way you can go back to this in times of reflection and also when you might be facing some new obstacles and challenges in your life.  This will help to give you a perspective on the different resources and tools that you have and that you can use when you are facing these new obstacles and challenges in your life. 

Confidence is a very personal thing, but you also need clarity because this is what is going to steer your progress and your growth in life. You need clarity on the outcome that you want to achieve, your action plan for facing these challenges and your vision for your future. Your BIG “Why” that driving you to take action.

Let’s start by giving yourself some credit. We don’t tend to give ourselves enough credit for how far we've come in life. Confidence often "sets in" after we completed the challenge or overcome the obstacle and acknowledged all the changes, progress and growth now in our life. This is where courage comes in, on your down days, remind yourself what a blessing this life is and that you have the strength to overcome all challenges and obstacles that come your way.  We always come out on the other side.   When you feel indoubt, remember everything that you've already overcome and accomplished in your life. 

Know that self-doubt is just a reminder to keep going! Don't stop, always keep going and push forward.  Keep the momentum going. Everyone, at every level, experiences self-doubt. The difference is that some people feel self-doubt more as a sign to STOP their attempts while others feel self-doubt and see this as a reminder that they have more to LEARN so they should continue forward and take that uncomfortable action.  Keep going! Don’t Stop!  This decision is key and can change the course of your life.  When repeated ten thousands of times, you have mastered a strength, and gained an unstoppable confidence and that next level of success in your life. Be kind, stay humble, leave your ego at the door. There is no room for it in the future that you are trying to create.  Keep learning and reminding yourself to keep taking that uncomfortable action!

Confidence is really about knowing what you are doing. Keep gaining confidence, keep growing and taking that unforgettable action and if you can, inspire other people in their lives.  People in your life will be inspired by seeing you overcome your obstacles and how you are living and leading in your life.  In return, your confidence will grow even more than before. With more confidence comes the desire and the openness to try more new things, which give you more mastery in what you are doing. And with more mastery comes more success in your life.  Inspire others, keep learning and teaching others what you have learned and you will help inspire and change the world. 

Listen, encourage and empower others.  People are really struggling with all of the uncertainty in our world right now. They're burned out and overwhelmed in work and in their lives. The feelings of fear and anxiety has become such a heavy burden from all of the uncertainty over these past few years. Weighing us down to the point that we feel life we’re drowning.  Listen to people and hear their struggles. Remember that people are in pain so ask questions, hold space and listen, then end each conversation with some encouragement and let them know that they are not alone and that they will get through this. Support them and let them know that there is more support out there for them.  Lift their spirits and provide them with some much needed inspiration and joy! Be their light.  

Your future, what brings you confidence is having a vision for your future. Choosing to be positive and optimistic in this crazy and uncertain new world that we are living in. Don't let the news or social media distort your worldview. They only tend to focus on the negative and were only created for clickbait not for your personal development and to help you grow and build your future. Share that vision that you have with your family and friends. You have the power within to impact change. Gandhi once said “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”.  

Don’t let life beat you down and get the best of you.  Rise up! Rise up and Have Courage!  Get excited for each day! For each opportunity that comes your way and help others and lift them up with you.   There is a brighter future for you on the horizon. Have hope and believe! And know that there is more than enough abundance out there for each and everyone of us!