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How to Showcase Your Strengths


How to Showcase Your Strengths

We all have unique strengths, skills, and talents that we were either born with or that we have developed over the course of our lives.  What about those strengths, skills, and talents that you haven’t yet discovered or that you have yet to develop?

We all have hidden or un-discovered strengths that we have not yet unearthed.  I am going to take you on a little trip down memory lane, if you’ve seen it.  Let’s revisit the 2007 The Movie “PS I Love You'', starring Hilary Swank and Gerard Butler.  In this movie, Holly, who was Hilary Swank’s character in the movie, had discovered that her hidden talent was a shoe designer, designing shoes. And Wow, did she make some beautiful shoes?  For her, she completely stubbled on this talent completely by accident.  It was a natural talent for her and she was naturally good at it.  She could design shoes almost effortlessly and her creativity skyrocketed. This was her true passion. Her unique strength that she leveraged to create her new life.

She, like most of us, tries to usually dismiss these hidden strengths, skills, and talents and we tell ourselves things like “this will never work” or “I am just not good enough”.  We fill ourselves with self doubt and crush these dreams before we even give them a chance to become something more, something magical.  

But what if we gave them dreams of ours a chance?  

What if you actually gave these dreams of yours with these hidden strengths, skills, and talents of yours a chance?  What then? This opens up so many more possibilities.  So, many more potential opportunities.  

How do you identify these hidden strengths of yours?  Take self assessments as many as you can to access your strengths identified in these self assessments.  If you are getting the same results then these are strengths that you want to build on.

Ask your friends and family what your greatest strengths are. This can add a valuable outside perspective to strengths that you have that perhaps you weren’t aware of.

Look at the strengths of others.  This is where you can look for new strengths that you want to develop by rolemoding those you admire that are doing great things that you want to accomplish in your own life. 

Look at the training you are taking.  This can add insight into what you enjoy learning about and that you enjoy doing that incorporate your strengths.

And find what you spend the most time and money on.  These are usually our favorite hobbies, or things that we are doing on a regular basis that we enjoy and keep coming back to.

Sometimes it takes going through some major life changes to stumble upon your strengths, skills, and talents.  During these times, we can get in our own heads. Trying to discover some much needed inspiration or untapped creativity within us.  This is exactly the time, when you need to step outside of your norms, your daily routines and your comfort zone to seek out new things, discover new places, ideas and experiences.  If you can travel and get out of your existing environment then do it.  Also read everything that you can get your hands on.  If you don’t love reading then try audio books, podcasts and YouTube tutorials.  

The more you learn, the more you grow and find new sources of inspiration and tap into your own creativity.  You will try things that you either never thought of before or discover something new that completely transforms your life.  

If there is anything that I’ve learned through my own experience is that it is never too late to discover new strengths in precisely these ways. Let’s go into them now.

  1. 3 party feedback can be very insightful and valuable when it comes to identifying our strengths so gather as much feedback as you can focused on your strengths.
  2. To build anything you first have to start with a plan. So develop your plan, lay out the steps in as much detail as possible. Breaking each step down into bite sized nuggets. Then take massive action on that plan of yours.
  3. Habits good or bad can propel us forward or hold us back.  So, it is important to recognize which are the good habits, routines and patterns that are helping you make the process that you want or need in your life and what are the bad habits, routines and patterns that need to be worked out of your life.  This is your time to really make the shift in your life that is needed for you to start working to that next level for yourself. 
  4. Every good plan starts with a vision. So, get crystal clear on what you want to accomplish here and develop your future vision for the life you are building for yourself.
  5. Then, write your vision out in as much detail as possible. The more clear and detailed it is the earlier it will be to see it, imagine it and envision it as real as you are living that life right now. 
  6. Start leveraging your strengths now.  Redesign your job description and bio to really highlight your strengths.  You can do this! Use your unique strengths to own your Superpower.  You have the right qualities, skills, and/or experience that sets you apart from your competition. You are someone who will make an excellent addition to any team. You are the best person for this career and/or endeavor. 

Now, once we have started to identify our strengths then we can start building on them.  There are 5 core strengths that if you can master them, they can help you get to that next level in your own life.

Communication skills, which is an essential strength to have.  With great communication skills you can encourage cross-team collaboration and you can develop and foster resourceful problem solving skills. 

Leadership skills, which is another important strength to have whether you are in a leadership role or not.  If you live your life by leading by example then you are by all accounts a leader and a role model to others.  With leadership skills you can build motivation and productive teams and you can develop employee and personal accountability.

Project management skills.  If you have ever worked on a project which I am guessing that you have whether it be for work or not.  This skill is again great to help you excel in your own life.  With project management skills you learn how to manage multiple projects at one-time which increases efficiency and productivity and you learn how to deliver results to meet timelines.  In the working environment, if you don’t meet timelines you lose customers and you lose business.  In your personal life it can be just as bad, you can lose friends and opportunities. 

Strategic planning skills.  As humans we tend to either think in a tactical mind frame or a strategic one.  With a strategic mindset you see the big picture, high level 10 foot view of things.  In a tactical mindset you see the details of things, the tactical pieces of an operation or process.  To develop these both is extremely helpful and can help you become a better leader and a better version of yourself. In strategic planning you learn how to develop global and analytical thinking and you learn how to build better organizational skills.

And finally we have persuasive skills or also known as influence.  With persuasive skills you learn how to ensure that projects and priorities are met timely, helping to guarantee success and you learn how to address your audience's needs and values.  

Identifying and building our strengths is a continuous lifelong process, we are always growing and learning new things and finding new passions in our lives.  As we grow, we evolve into a new version of ourselves. 

So whether you’re building your next level career or running the business of your dreams you’ll discover in my course Identifying your strengths, how to focus on your strengths so you can redesign your life for success!