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Your Superpower to Success


It is not only important knowing your strengths but also identifying identifying new strengths.   This is your SUPERPOWER!

I have spent my entire career building my strengths in management, leadership, teambuilding, productivity, organization, and more. 

With that, I decided that I needed more in my life so I took some additional trainings and developed new strengths and new skills. By doing that you can find your own purpose and passion and find fulfillment in your life. 

Doing these new strengths, really expanded a feeling of joy and love within myself and into what I was getting into with my trainings and my coaching.  I absolutely felt that this was something that I was called to do. I had been doing these things in my career but not at a focus that I really felt was needed for myself.

It can be important for you to do something that is going to make yourself a lot of money or get you the promotions that you want but unless you feel that passion in what you’re doing it’s not going to last because your heart's not in it.

There are many people that went from doing something that they felt they were good at but they didn’t necessarily love it and once they started to reexamine themselves and start to identify those other strengths that they had and then they aligned those strengths with something that they loved.  

It became their passion and they are so much happier now and they are an absolute inspiration to others around them!