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Take back control and STOP the feelings of isolation, fear and anxiety.


Are you feeling isolated, disconnected, or fearful and anxious?

You are not alone. We just reached two years of living with Covid and now we have the war in the Ukraine.  Our world has never seemed crazier or more uncertain to us.  We are all wondering what’s next or if this is going to be our new normal. 

Most of us have been trying to get back into our routines and pick our lives back up. Trying to  live our “new normal” lives.  It certainly helps with the restaurants and shops opening back up to have that feeling of “normal” again.  

For some of us though, fear and anxiety can have a major impact on our lives and how we live our lives.  It can make us stop doing things that we would normally do in our lives. Like going out and doing our shopping or visiting with friends and family. We’ve all had to readjust our lives around the restrictions and with visiting our friends and family and/or going to our normal shops and even returning to work.

When Covid first happened, we feared and still do fear today, that we or our friends and family still might get sick.  Some of us have decided to isolate ourselves and with everyone doing some form of isolation at certain points during Covid, you may have experienced these feelings of isolation, disconnect, fear and anxiety.  Feeling more alone, and disconnected from friends and family.

I want to share a story with you about  a very near and dear friend of mine, who because of Covid, decided to isolate themselves.  After isolating for the duration of Covid, two years now,  they have compounded this fear with anxiety and then compounded that fear with stress.  These emotions can be completely disabling and at times paralyzing.  My friend decided that to “stay safe” they would not go out of their home during this time.  Now, for them today, the thought of leaving their home has become daunting and truly overwhelming for them, to the point that they won’t leave their home under any circumstance. We all need to do what is best for ourselves and we are all coping with Covid in our own ways. There is NO right way to cope with covid, but there are things we can do to improve our situation.   

Millennials are feeling isolation or disconnection perhaps even more than most people, as this is the age that they’ve grown up in but they're not the only ones feeling this way, with Covid it impacted the world and changed how we interact with each other on a regular basis.

This has become our new “Normal”. With the presence of social media, this has changed our societal norms from regularly meeting face-to-face with friends to now having all of our relationships over social media and not in person. The challenge that this presents is how do we reconnect when we have become so disconnected from our friends, family, community, etc..? 

We get so caught up in our lives with just being “Busy” that we don’t prioritize our relationships. We as human beings need human interaction in our lives to flourish and feed our soul.  This is a basic human need.  

There are a number of ways to start to build these relationships or re-establish these relationships and once you start to reconnect you’ll start to find a new sense of joy and fulfillment that you’ve been missing from your life. 

If you are struggling with feeling isolated and anxious, here are a few things that you can do to help relieve these feelings of isolation and anxiety.  

To start, I would recommend starting with watching less news.  News can invoke those feelings of fear, anxiety or overwhelm.  Which can become too much if you are already feeling some fear and anxiety in your life.  If you're able to try to cut down on how much you are watching the news and if you can perhaps you can cut it out all together. This will help you manage your fear and anxiety a little more.

There are also affirmations that you can use to help manage your fear and anxiety.  I’ve created a few that I’ll share with you today.

To start, I recommend standing up and at least 2-3 times or more at each time you practice them. You want to invoke your emotions, so smile and use some arm motions. 

  1. I am taking back control 
  2. I will get through this
  3. I am safe and in control 
  4. I am stronger than I think
  5. This feeling is only temporary and will pass
  6. I've made it through before and I'll make it through again 
  7. I am loved, calm and mindful 

By saying these over and over again and using your body, you can help master your mindset, manage your emotions around fear and anxiety and you create positive muscle memory.

For those of you that have been isolated or disconnected, your being here today online with all of us is a great way for you to help stay engaged with others and participate in your communities.  Attending online or in person events, workshops, meetings, classes and activities are truly a great way to help reduce or alleviate the feelings of isolation, disconnect, fear and anxiety. 

You can also….

  1. Get involved in group activities with your favorite hobby
  2. Reach out to friends and plan a meetup for Zoom coffee, or meetup after work or on the weekend, if you are feeling comfortable with that.
  3. Or join a recreational sport or the gym

 Do things that you enjoy and that light you up and Always remember, you are not alone in this.  There is support out there for you. Reach out to your friends, family and even co-workers that want to help you through this.