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What does faith have to do with your success?


Some of you might be thinking that they have nothing to do with each other and while others of you might be thinking that they actually have everything to do with each other.  

At the peak of my career, I felt as if I was still missing something. I was excelling in my career and getting promotions but I was lacking inspiration and fulfillment. I would have this feeling deep down in my stomach that there was this nagging inside of me.  I felt like I needed to “find” my faith so I started my search for this spiritual connection.

I came across some great inspiring and spiritual gurus like Dr. Wayne Dyer, Abraham Hicks, Gabby Bernstein and some others. I felt an instant connection.  These people resonated with me and I started to really feel like this was exactly what I was missing in my life. The inspiration and creativity inside of me started flowing again. That’s when everything in my life changed for me.  I took that inspiration and started redeveloping myself and that took my success to a whole new level. 

To achieve success, you have to make a plan for your own life and take massive action on that plan every single day and at the end of the day, know that if you are doing absolutely everything that you can that’s within your own personal power.  Once you have done everything that you can, then you need to surrender your plan to the Universe and that's when your faith comes in.  You have to trust that the universe will help to fill those gaps for the areas that are outside of your control and understand and believe that if it is truly meant to be then it will be and if it is not meant to be then the Universe will have something better in store for you. 

Abraham Hicks, speaks about the river of life that we live in. When you are trying to paddle upstream against the current you will feel the resistance of life and encounter the obstacles, however, if you paddle with the flow of the current then things start to come together for you more naturally and with more ease. There is a flow in your life.  If you feel like everything in your life is a struggle and you are constantly fighting to make things happen then try to stop controlling the outcome and try to let go of that control and go with the flow of life and you will start to see life fall into place.  I’ve found in my own life that when I am really trying to force an outcome or stressing about an outcome that it either doesn’t come easy or it doesn’t come at all and I found that when I surrender and decide that I have done all that I can that is within my power that I turn it over to the universe and wait and usually at about that time things will start to fall into place.  

With faith your success catapults and you can take your success to a whole new level. Once you start to embrace your faith then you start to have more confidence in yourself and you start knowing that you will achieve more.  Then the universe starts to step in and things start to fall into place and come together more than they ever used to. You start to see the coincidences appear and it starts to feel almost serendipitous. The right people start to come into your life when you need their help the most and the right resources start to present themselves to you when you are looking for them.

Faith is about believing in yourself that you can do what you put your mind to and when you face your fears head on you come through those experiences with growth and more confidence in yourself. If it scares you and / or makes you feel uncomfortable then you must take action.  You have to get comfortable in the uncomfortable, this is how you grow and this is how you take yourself to that next level of your own personal success.